Not my first blog post


You might have noticed that I changed my Facebook page… and my Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts… from skinnyshae to “Biceps and Belly Rolls” (or shaevins because the other one is too long).


I started skinnyshae in 2010 in an effort to keep writing when all I could look forward to was a career without a lot of writing — I graduated around the same time as all the newspapers I would have worked for were laying off and offering only contract or unpaid positions.

And a girl’s gotta get a paycheck, yo.

Now, it’s 2017. In seven years, a lot has changed in my life.

Hey, fam!

Like, obviously.

I’m far less concerned with fitness, exercise and dieting… and my eyebrows… than I used to be. I’m far more concerned with health, wellness and all. the. food.

I’m less concerned with the way I look… and more concerned with the way I feel.

I’m also way less concerned about myself and completely, totally, absolutely obsessed with him.

crawling baby
Stop it, look at that face.

Because who wouldn’t be?

I outgrew skinnyshae a while ago, but it’s been only recently I figured out what I grew into…

I’m a mom, a wife, a writer, a work-a-holic — and I’m working on that — and, now, I’m writing about Biceps and Belly Rolls.

Because I’ve got both, folks.

(Well, I’m still working on my rockin’ biceps. The heavier that baby gets, the beefier my arms get.)

Biceps and Belly Rolls by Shae
Still working on the biceps. Belly in full roll.

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