Whole30: (Practice) Day #1 (Again)

So I made it a day and a half…


I am not surprised and only a little disappointed. On vacation, not fully prepared for running out of eggs, mindlessly eating toddler leftovers, mindless eating other food, trying to start a thing ON A THURSDAY.

No one starts things on Thursdays.

I did not fail without learning a few lessons.

  • Moving forward, we buy two dozen eggs a week.
  • Lettuce doesn’t wilt as quickly if you store it properly and can therefore be used to make a quick salad whenever you need a quick salad, so I bought these things. Take that wilty lettuce.
  • Berries last longer if you store them properly, too.
  • I now know what the inside of a rotten sweet potato looks like. FYI, it looks just fine on the outside.
  • I’m keeping packets of Whole30-compliant tuna nearby at all times.
  • QuikTrip iced tea, unsweetened, is probably not Whole30-compliant BUT WHO WOULD KNOW THAT?! IT’S TEA. Luckily, my favorite beverage is Whole30-approved because I’m not doing anything without coffee.

Also, don’t leave the house. The world is not compliant.

I found safe sausage, mustard, salad dressing, tuna and vegetable broth during my grocery run today.

Finding compliant dressing was actually easy BECAUSE IT’S LABELED. Hallelujah.

whole30-compliant salad dressing

Guess what I didn’t find.


It’s nuts and seeds and sometimes dried fruit.

I get added sugar in dried fruit, but what do pumpkin seeds need with dextrose? Why do all the bulk options at Dillon’s have to have soy beans mixed in? I just want some nuts and seeds mixed together and maybe a coconut flake, gah.

It’s probably for the best I didn’t find a bag of compliant trail mix — or try to make my own. The sausage, tuna and broth I bought were at least $1 more expensive than their non-compliant counterparts. Only one vegetable broth on the shelf didn’t have some form of sugar in it. (Did you know there was sugar in broth? Yeah, me either.) The only available sausage I found was nearly $3 more expensive. Who knows how much sugar-free, slightly salted, pre-mixed nuts and seeds and maybe a coconut flake are.

Less ingredients, more money. I will never understand processed food.

Whole30 Skillet Pork Chops with Sweet Potatoes and Coleslaw

We tried another Whole30 Fast & Easy cookbook recipe last night, and it wasn’t bad. My husband wasn’t fond of the almond-flour coating on the pork, which — yes — would have had a better texture if we’d used day-old crusty breadcrumbs. But breadcrumbs have the gluten, and the gluten is not OK on Whole30.

Never in my adult life have I cooked sweet potatoes in a skillet, and I might never go back to the oven. They’re so yummy from the skillet — cooked and delicious without getting hard or chewy, which occasionally happens in the oven because… I don’t know, ovens are hard.

I made the slaw on the side simple by buying a bag of coleslaw mix, dumping it in a bowl with dressing and mayo… and ignoring the other ingredients I was supposed to add. I’m not toasting or buying toasted pine nuts. We already know how expensive sausage is.

And my husband’s mayonnaise recipe is already compliant. No added sugar. No wine. No whatever else gets added to store-bought mayonnaise. Pro-tip, homemade is way better.

Whole30 Skillet Pork Chops with Sweet Potatoes and Coleslaw

If I make this one again, I’ll duplicate the recipe with a breadcrumb dredge for my husband. Non-Whole30 recipes can be adjusted for Whole30 compliance, and Whole30 recipes can be adjusted for people who want to eat bread — and I honestly have no idea why I didn’t think of that before just now.

Probably something to do with the buckets.

Today is (Practice) Day #1 (Again). Wish me luck.

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