New Year’s Resolutions: 2019 Edition

We celebrated our ninth anniversary with the New Year. When you’ve been married nine years and you’re a parent to a nearly two-year-old, anniversary celebrations are simple.

We both went to work in the morning. I came home to a small bouquet with a red rose, daisies, a pink carnation, snap dragons and baby’s breath.

…the cat was chewing on it.

He came home to the trashcan at the curb — usually his job — a fussy toddler and half a salmon carcass cooked to NEAR perfection.

baked salmon and potatoes with lemon

I’m not a great cook, but it was pretty!

For 2019, my husband and I have a slew of New Year’s Resolutions. We figure, if we cast a wide net, we’ll catch something.


For example, one of my resolutions is to take a photo every time I accidentally open Instagram Stories, which happens often enough and always when I look a mess.

I’ve discovered filters help.

“Getting our s*** together” is the theme of 2019. Let’s break it down.


When you’ve had more than one job over the course of your working life, you might leave little bits of retirement all over the place. Sometimes, those little bits of retirement don’t cross-pollenate. In the end, you’re left with… a lot of mail.

Our greatest investment success has been adding money to our son’s college fund.

In 2019, we’re getting the rest of our investment s*** together.


Lapsed gym memberships, workout-related injuries and the general exhaustion of sharing a household with a human toddler knocked both of us off the fit-living wagon in 2018.

And, let’s be honest, in 2017.

In 2019, we’re getting our fitness s*** together.


I started Noom in November 2018 during the program’s Black Friday sale. One of the daily lessons talked about “decision fatigue.”

Decision Fatigue

We made a lot of fatigued decisions about food in 2018 — made even easier by the availability of food delivery services. Uber Eats, anyone? Did you know Chipotle delivers? That was the nail in my tummy coffin.

In 2019, we’re getting our s*** together. (Without Noom. #foreshadowing)

Fouse (House — I ran out of F’s.)

Homeownership is almost as exhausting as toddler rearing. We’ve got a laundry list of things we want to repair, replace and rip out in the house, including a laundry room.

High school classes should have taught me how to care for a house, but the only thing I can remember from my home economics class is not to store potatoes under the sink. Which, honestly, should be common knowledge.

Know what I should have learned? Which household materials might contain asbestos.

That would have been helpful.

Anyway, we’re getting the house s*** together in 2019, too.

And Time

I’m 12 days late posting my New Year’s resolutions. Happy 2018… late.


year of color 2019

In 2019, I’m getting my calendar s*** together.

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