How Did 2019 Resolutions Go?

Less than great, that’s how.

“Getting our s*** together” was the theme of 2019, and we barely touched the surface.

Here’s our end of the year update.


My husband already had his s*** together, setting up his 401K more than five years ago. Me? Well, I waited until the very last possible day to set up my retirement account at work this year.

And it almost didn’t happen.

Thankfully, our accountant chased me down weekly between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I finally turned in all the paperwork December 18.

Finance win.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take the time needed to collect all the other nonsense retirement accounts I created at the various other jobs I’ve had to bring them all together.

Finance fail.

Returning Resolution: Finances. Sigh.


Our failure at fitness resolutions likely occurred because we didn’t have a solid goal. A SMART goal, if you will. We didn’t plan to drop a dress size, lose any specific amount of weight or work out consistently.

We’re parents. We’re tired.

One success? I found something that keeps my pain under control without stomach-lining-stripping OTC pain medication.


Sitting for long periods of time and standing for any amount of time cause pain. Walking feels OK, so I go for walks — especially after a long meeting in a hard plastic chair. And I can make it through a day without too much complaint.

Updated Resolution: Walking.



I want to say we did well.

I also don’t want to lie to you because I remember all the times we gave into the toddler’s demands for a “nack” for dinner, ordered takeout and threw away leftovers.

At the end of the day, my husband and I are exhausted. The toddler becomes a tiny terror. We don’t have the energy or patience to make a healthy dinner every night.

Again. We’re parents. We’re tired.

Returning Resolution: Food.

Fouse [House — remember, I ran out of F words. #foreshadowing]

For nearly two years, lights and receptacles in half my house haven’t worked — most annoyingly in the kitchen. We had three different electrician teams diagnose our house.

Only one of those electricians stuck with us to find out what was broken where and how to fix it.

Prime Electric, specifically Jason, spent a year and a half working on the wiring nightmare that is my 1922 house — and he turned the lights back on. Without rewiring the entire house for $15,000.



That’s how much I appreciate this electrician and the work he put into our hot mess — that isn’t a hot mess anymore!

Updated Resolution: Now, actually remodel the f(h)ouse. (I have 3 million ideas.)

And Time

Days take forever, weeks fly by, and we can’t believe tomorrow begins a new year. Where did 2019 go?

See y’all on the other side of midnight with new resolutions.


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