Homeschool: Week 5 + #socialdistancing Activities

My son’s pre-K teacher and his speech therapist from USD 259 contacted us last week to offer additional guidance and support for homeschooling and ongoing speech therapy.

His pre-K teacher told me, “The packets they’re sending out are probably above him, so I’m going to put together some activities that are focused on helping his attention.”

His speech therapist said, “It might be more beneficial for you and me to talk about activities and strategies you can try at home. My goal is to help support you in whatever way is easiest for you.”

First, can we please recognize that these amazing professionals deserve to be paid much more for their personalized outreach and efforts to help families at this time?

Yes? Good.

Second, THANK GOODNESS. I need all the help I can get. We just walked around the house for 15 minutes trying to figure out what “chuck” was in toddler-ese… and it’s NOT chalk. Wow.

Adventures in homeschooling haven’t been our only activities during the Stay At Home order. While my husband loves #socialdistancing, we still have to encourage my extrovert to get over FOMO on the daily.

She’s coping.

Here’s how.

Adventures in #socialdistancing


My son and I are doing a lot of “coh-were” (color)-ing. (We need to work on his L’s.)

In effort to support our favorite local businesses, we also ordered a mystery swag bag from The Workroom, which came with a Doodah Doodles coloring book. Yay!

Speaking of supporting local businesses, I also did a little online shopping at Moxie’s Sass & Class Boutique.

My husband refers to this as my Flintstone’s shirt… and he’s not wrong.


Speaking of lookin’ like a house wife from the Stone Age, we’ve been doing a lot of cooking — and my husband is a damn good cook.

His cooking — and my pantry meals — have given us leftovers for daaaaaays. The only reason we really have to go to the store is to get our son more “chee” (Annie’s Bunnie Mac ‘n Cheese) because he’s THE PICKIEST eater. And milk and eggs and bread and that sort of ish.

Demolishing… and Plumbing

Last week, I decided to paint the hall bathroom, making it the next room to tackle on my Remodel the F Word House resolution.

I figured painting would be the easiest place to start, until I got to the fourth wall… which is where the too-big sink/vanity sits under a broken medicine cabinet and off-center light fixture.

It was already in the plan to replace the sink/vanity and medicine cabinet… so I ripped them out.

With the help of several YouTube videos, I accomplished this feat in little under an hour with minimal damage to the wall.

Go me!

Next up, removing the toilet… Because we’re also going to rip out the tile, level the floor and retile.

I picked like a really involved quarantine project, guys.


You notice your shoved-away messes and unnecessary junk more when you’re in your house 24/7.

For me, that shoved-away mess was in my son’s closet. So, I spent a day cleaning it out, sorting its contents and storing the stuff he’s never going to use again in the basement.

What’s left?


Plus, I moved all of his school activities in his closet, to make some room in our hall linen cabinet.

Because I also cleaned that out, sorted its contents and stored the extra Christmas decorations… in the basement.

The office closet — where we’ve been storing my husband’s hiking, hunting and other miscellaneous hobbies — also got a good clean-out, sort and re-store… in the basement.

Since so much stuff was going in the basement that I also cleaned and organized the basement.

Sort of.

It’s gross down there.

Setting Up a Home Gym?

I mean… we’re stuck in quarantine for the foreseeable future, so I might as well get some physical activity in. I guess.

Plus, I might teach the kiddo how to box. If he’s gonna hit us, he’s gonna do it right, damnit.

What are you doing in quarantine?

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