About Shae



I’m Shae.

By day, I’m a Digital Strategist — strateger-ing digital things — but by night…

Eh, I’m a little boring. I spend too much time binge watching ANTM (Tyra is my spirit lion) and reading the same “Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site” board book to my son. He likes the way it rhymes; I like that I have it memorized.


I used to be a yoga nut, and then back pain struck my nervous system like a train. Thank you, pregnancy…

…so now I do the boxing.

I love to cook…

…but I’m not great at it, or at following a recipe, or at remembering to add salt. I can make like two soups and a pasta.

I love that my husband can cook…

…because I also love to eat.

I love to write, and so that’s what this is. I used to write at skinnyshae.com, which was good before I became a mom. Now, there’s no such thing as skinny.

mommyshae.com didn’t have a great sound so you get Biceps and Belly Rolls! Because that baby is heavy, and also he destroyed my abdominal wall.

Thank you, pregnancy.

Mostly, I write about the baby and food and how much I love it (when my husband cooks) and beer and how much I love beer. I’m only slightly domestic. (Cleaning? Oh, fundeath.) And I don’t have a lot of crafty bones in my body. I think my middle toe is a bit crafty — the nail polish lasts the longest on that toe. Right, middle toe. I might also write about STARTING A NEW FITNESS PROGRAM, and then promptly tell you how it was a bad idea.

So there you go.


Biceps and Belly Rolls by Shae
I hadn’t quite developed the biceps when I took these pictures. Belly in full roll.

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