Baby’s first Thanksgiving

We rarely celebrate Thanksgiving. Not because we’re not #thankful or fans of the season’s food, but because we’re tired, busy and Thanksgiving is another commitment on a long list of commitments.

Plus, my husband nearly always has to work.

We didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving this year, not really. But we spent time with family, went on fall walks, breakfasted and brunched, ate leftovers and (I) shopped small.

Oh, yeah, and WE SAW SANTA. omg, you guys, I love Santa.

We’ll start with Santa.

(Special thanks to Public at the Brickyard for bringing Santa in and Jenny Myers Photography for the pictures.)

Look at this jolly old man putting on a show for what is obviously the obsessive mother standing on the sidelines beaming joyously for her son to take his first picture with Santa.

Baby's First Santa 2017 (7)

OMG, YOU GUYS. Look. At. How. Cute.

Baby's First Santa 2017 (9)

We also went to see my grandparents and my mother and brother for Thanksgiving cookies — I bought Snicker Doodles. Then, we went to Matt’s parents’ house for a cranky baby nap and leftovers — and the best chocolate pie ever from the Bread Basket in Newton, Kansas.

Thanksgiving Cookies at Great Grandparents 2017 (11)

We also went on four fall walks, one for every day I had off. Our neighborhood’s trees lost all their leaves at once.

Thanksgiving Weekend Walks 2017

We breakfasted at Copper Oven — the single best breakfast place in Wichita — on Saturday, and then we brunched at our favorite restaurant in Wichita — Public at the Brickyard — on Sunday.

I got a runny egg croissant and a #scifri KMUW mug of Reveries Coffee Roasters’ coffee.

We ate local, and I shopped small, grabbing stocking-stuffers (and a new pair of resold shoes for me!) at The Workroom and Spice Merchant.

#SmallBusinessSaturday 2017

Our excessively busy weekend ended with a tiny bucket of baby fuss so I’ll be happy to get back on a more leisurely schedule.

You know, until Christmas.

Thanksgiving 2017 Tweet1

Writing with an infant was difficult. Writing with an almost-toddler is near impossible.

The baby that slept every three hours for at least an hour is no more. Now, I have a busy little 10-month-old crawling around the house, climbing over my blockades and getting into everything I haven’t nailed shut.

So I barely have time to think, let alone write down what I’m thinking. How other moms do it, I’ll never know. I will try to blog more. I’m full of wisdom now that I’m a mother ::face with rolling eyes::

Thanksgiving 2017 Tweet2